Going Organic (Trying to Eat like Granny Ate)

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This is Part 1 of  my Going Organic Series. Searching for the closest products to those that Granny used.

In my search to find organic, free-range and natural daily consumable products, I came across a company online called “The Munching Mongoose”. Now what this company does, is source certain produce from farmers and gastronomic artisans who use sustainable, ethical and organic-based principles right here in South Africa. They then collect each and every one of these carefully selected products and deliver them to you “fresh from the farm” on a weekly basis.

I was taken by their love and passion for the health and happiness of their customers, as well as the plants and animals who are providing us with all their goodness. Have a look at their website http://munchingmongoose.co.za/

So… I placed my order instantly and waited patiently like a giddy school girl for my delivery. Usually, the excitement around a certain something, leaves you disappointed in the end, because you have built it up in your mind. This, was not one of those usual times! DSC_7492

Our wholesome goodie bag had finally arrived. I picked the no-veg bag for this trial, made of these contents:

  • 2L Farm-fresh, free-range, grass-fed milk
  • 2 Locally made organic and gourmet cheese
  • 12 Free-range, pasture-fed eggs
  • 1 Artisan Bread
  • A surprise, novelty product

It doesn’t sound like too much, right?!

Well, this is what we received:



We were given all that we were promised and more, much more. I’m sure thats more than 2 litres of milk, 3 cheeses, instead of 2, delicious surprise chocolates and even a personalised bottle of red wine to welcome our family to Munching Mongoose. With this, I received an email on the day of delivery with a breakdown of what was being delivered, from which farms and bakers it was collected, and an additional healthy recipe for the use of these.


Impressed? Yes! By the quantity, by the quality of the products, by the packaging, by the special touches and by the all round goodness!

This is not a sponsored post by The Munching Mongoose, neither is it an advertisement.

If you search, there are a few organic and ethical farms. What I liked about this specific company, is that they do all the “foraging, ferreting and fussing for you”, much like a mongoose. By doing this, they help keep a number of these farms alive (excuse the pun). Just making my “going organic” experience, all the more easy, therefore that much more pleasing.

Our world is Wonderful, Let’s keep it that way by respecting our plants, animals, environment and people!


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